Nikolaus and Krampus parade 2021

From 4th to 6th December 2021
South Tyrol

During the Christmas period the figures of the Krampus and St. Nikolaus create a unique show in all South Tyrol. The Krampus are half-man and half animal figures with a devil's mask that sow panic among the public and infest the city centers. These characters go with St. Nikolaus in the procession dedicated to him. From December 4th  to 6th , the streets of South Tyrol's cities are lined with myths and legends.

The procession begins at sunset when the bells of the Krampus announce their arrival. The city centres are therefore infested by these demonic figures who are looking for adults and children who have behaved badly.  To put an end to this terror there is St. Nikolaus, who in the traditional procession follows the Krampus as if to drive them out of the city.

It is an eternal struggle between good and evil, where the winners are the children who receive sweets, biscuits and dried fruit as a gift from St. Nikolaus.

St. Nikolaus and the Krampus are traditional and much-loved figures throughout all South Tyrol. From Dobbiaco to Castelbello, from Vipiteno to Ora, in almost every South Tyrolean town there is a procession with groups of Krampus who wander around the villages making noise and partying - be careful not to be targeted by these devils!

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