Moso, the main village of Alta Val Passiria, lying at 1,007 m a.s.l., is located on the route to the Rombo Mountain Pass and is only 27 km from Merano.

Near the Stùlles Waterfalls in Moso the Gothic Church of the Ascension, built between 1402 and 1403 and with its 52 m high bell tower is worth a visit. The painting above the altar dates from the Baroque period. The Stations of the Cross were commissioned from Nikolaus Auer from the Passiria Art School.

Moso in Passiria, on the route to the Rombo Mountain Pass

This is also the place where the Bunker Mooseum is located, an extraordinary museum in a former bunker installation, as is suggested by the name. There are numerous exhibition areas in this museum and they all have the same common theme: Passiria valley.

The Bunker Mooseum, which is also the information office for the Tessa Group NaturePark, presents information in various permanent exhibitions about the history of settlement and the contemporary history of the valley, the world of animals and plants in the Nature Park and about the Monteneve Mine. Into the bargain, you arrive via an especially protected path, along which you learn plenty about the geology of the region and which leads to an archaeological dig.

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