At an altitude of 1,700 m a.s.l., the village of Vernago, on the shore of the lake of the same name lies surrounded all year round by snow-covered mountain peaks. This village is an idyllic, fairy-tale place during every season of the year.

Vernago lies on the shore of the lake basin, which, with the construction of the reservoir dam in the 1950's, was built to a height of 40 m and later was raised to a height of 65 m. Eight farms disappeared into the floods of the lake and when the water level drops, you can still see the church tower rising out of the lake. The consequences of deciding to build a reservoir were grave for the population and recall a similar situation at Resia Lake.

Vernago lake in Val Senales

Walkers can choose to follow the circular track around the reservoir with its two suspension bridges and a more challenging route for more experienced hikers, which crosses Val di Tisa and leads up to the place where Ötzi the Iceman was discovered, at an altitude of some 3,000 m.

From Vernago you can quickly reach Certosa's skiing resort on the Senales valley glacier, where you can enjoy ski sports all year round.

The festival organised on the occasion of the transhumance of the sheep in Vernago is an unforgettable experience: when the animals are driven back into the valley, the whole village celebrates!

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