Historic Ora - wine village in Bassa Atesina

Ora is an idyllic wine village with an atmosphere of the South in the Val d'Adige. Thanks to the historic manors and farm houses it has preserved its rural character to the present day. Between the buildings in the Mediterranean style narrow alleys lined with natural stone walls wind their way and emphasis the unique atmosphere.

The city center of Ora, in South Tyrol

In the centre of the village is Castello di Ora, as it was once called. It is said to have been the family residence of the lords of Ora. Today it is owned by the Fioreschy family and is, therefore, now called the Fioreschy Manor.

In the village charming cafés and restaurants entice you to while away a little time. Good local cuisine and national dishes are offered here and interesting culinary events are organised. A particular highlight are the Wine-tasting Days, during which 25 wine cellars exhibit some 120 wines.

The area around Ora is known for its excellent wine and even the landscape is dominated by balmy vineyards. The sunny, mild climate in South Tyrol's South allows even exotic plants like palms, lemons and figs to flourish.

This wonderful area is ideally suited to a variety of sports leisure activities, such as hiking, cycling or Nordic walking; One of the most attractive destinations has to be the Biotope Castelfeder. Amidst the sub Mediterranean world of plants there are the ruins of a castle, which are evidence of a prehistoric settlement.

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