Aurina Valley and its nature resort

The Aurina Valley (Italian: Val di Tures e Aurina) lies in the most northern region in Italy and partly in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano in South Tyrol. The surroundings are characterised by a special vegetation with lush forests and imposing rock summits dominating the entire area. The Zillertal Alps block the cold winds coming from the north, thereby contributing to a continental climate with hot summers and lots of snow in winter.

Tures and Aurina valley: view of Predoi

The area remains unspoiled and wild, and some of it forms part of the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Nature Park. Despite tourism, the population has managed to preserve the original character of this valley. Many ancient customs are still alive in the Aurina Valley thanks to the local people's love of traditions. The landscape is dotted with mills, high-alpine pastures, old stoves and hay barns for the animals. And everywhere you look the same scenes are repeated, preserving the unmistakable character of South Tyrol.

The first visitors came to the Aurina Valley because of the copper mines in Predoi. When copper mining was discontinued locals had to look for a new source of income, and discovered bobbin lace-making. Soon however, the valley was discovered by skiers and hikers and became a popular tourist spot both winter and summer.

Now, the Aurina Valley offers treasures both of nature and of art. Tures Castle and the old copper mine in Predoi are only two of the sights which are waiting for you to discover.

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