Cortina is a small village in the Val d'Adige valley and is idyllically located in the midst of fruit and wine cultivations. Before the Adige was restricted to its present river bed, the area was marshy and often flooded, for which reason the village gained the name of "Little Venice". Cortina is not only the smallest village in South Tyrol's South, but also the only one which was not constructed at the edge of a forest or near a mountain.

Cortina all'Adige - central square

The historic village centre with its cobbled village square is crowned by a lovingly restored fountain. The buildings in the narrow streets are decorated with bow windows and oriel windows. Another feature are the vines which climb up the walls of the old courtyards. It is the custom on special occasions to plant what is known as a house vine at the entrance.

Another attraction in the village is the Gothic parish church, which was constructed at the beginning of the 15th century and is dedicated to Saint Martin. In his honour every year the Martini Market is held in Cortina. Saint Nepomuk in his role as the patron saint of protection against floods is also honoured with celebrations.

The wonderful wine-growing landscape around Cortina is perfect for long hikes and cycling tours. Especially in spring, when the area  is radiant with blossom and in autumn, when the changing colours illuminate it, nature lovers come here to find pleasure. Near the bank of the Adige a small area was set aside as a biotope, which now offers a protected environment for endangered animals and plants.

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