San Pancrazio

10 km from Lana lies the first village in the Ultimo Valley San Pancrazio at 736 m above sea level. This is the biggest village in the valley. It is surrounded by the summits of Monte Luco, Monte Cornicolo and Cima Cornicoletto.

S. Pancrazio and natural landscape

San Pancrazio is a typical mountain village offering numerous attractions for visitors in its splendid surroundings:

  • S. Pancrazio Parish Church

This is the oldest church in the Ultimo Valley with a 56 m high, gothic bell tower and an octagonal dome.

  • San Sebastiano Church

This church was constructed during the times of the plague, which claimed 460 victims by 1636. The baroque altar inside the church is worth a visit.

  • Sant' Elena Church

This church has been restored many times. In 1698 it was consecrated by the bishop of Trento. Inside the church you can admire a neo-Romanesque altar with baroque statues.

  • The House on the Rock

This house on the rock is one of the favourite destinations of hikers visiting the valley. The house used to stand on a meadow on the shore of the Valsura River. This is the only building which escaped the flooding of 1882 thanks to its having been built on a rock.

  • Eschenlohe Castle

Eschenlohe Castle, which was first mentioned in writing in 1164, is located in the vicinity of San Pancrazio on a forested hill. It has been in the possession of the Counts of Trapp since 1492.

  • The Beckenchristl House

This building dates back to the 12th century and is located in the village centre of San Pancrazio. It is the oldest building in the entire valley. The architecture of this building was typical of the residential houses of the lower aristocracy, and only since the 16th century has it been used for agricultural purposes.

  • Bagni di Mezzo

Bagni di Mezzo is located in the vicinity of San Pancrazio. Since the beginning of the 19th century this has been one of the most popular spas in the German regions. Many famous personalities have visited the spa, like Otto von Bismarck, Empress Elisabeth from Austria, the brothers Heinrich and Thomas Mann, and painter Franz von Defregger. Thomas Mann finished his novel "The Buddenbrooks" here in Bagni di Mezzo.

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