Located only 13 km from the spa town of Merano and close to the borders with Austria and Switzerland, the community of Naturno lies on the historic Roman road, known as the Via Claudia Augusta.

Naturno, surrounded as it is by high mountains, is distinguished by its mild climate and offers a remarkable landscape, where Alpine pastures, palm trees, glaciers and kiwi plants are to be found.

In ancient times there were already settlements in this area, as is attested by finds from the Mesolithic. Traces of the past can be found in the cultural attractions of the village, such as the little church of San Procolo and Juval Castle.

Naturno, on the historic Roman road Via Claudia Augusta

The community of Naturno comprises the following hamlets:

  • Cirlano

Cirlano consists of old farmsteads, such as the Obermairhof, in whose tower a torture chamber for prisoners was constructed. You can visit the Church of S. Osvaldo with its high, Gothic bell tower, which houses the precious frescoes of the Naturno artist, Simon Ybertracher.

  • Plaus

Plaus comes from the Latin word, 'palus' and means 'marsh'. The name reflects the history of the village, which once lay in a marshland. The first documentary evidence of Plaus dates from 1270. In the village you can visit the parish church of San Ulrico with its Romanesque bell tower, which was constructed during the reign of Charlemagne. The ornamental painting of the cemetery wall by Luis Stefan, an artist from Val Venosta shows scenes from the "Plaus Danse Macabre". The visitors' centre for the Tessa Group Nature Park is located in Plaus.

  • Tablà

Tablà lies at the entrance to the Schleidertal valley and from the village there is a splendid view over Juval Castle and the site where Ötzi the Iceman was found. Tablà has been part of Naturno only since 1928. The Church of Saint Nicholas, which was originally constructed in Romanesque style and then rebuilt in Gothic style, stands out against the backdrop of apple orchards. This church is ornamented with a Late Gothic altar and the representation of St. Christopher at the gable end of the church

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