Sluderno in Venosta valley

A visit to Sluderno plunges you into a village full of typical corners with romantic little alleys and old houses. A village, in which time seems to have stood still and where the agricultural way of life is still tangible in the streets. And the village presents an extraordinary appearance on account of the Ortles massif, which is visible from every direction from the village.

The view over Sluderno is dominated by Castel Coira, a structure built by Heinrich von Montfort from Coira, which has been dominated for generations by the Counts Trapp. In the interior of the structure a few pictures can be seen and you can marvel at the largest collection of weapons and armour in the world.

Further highlights of history and art in Sluderno include the parish church of St. Catherine, built in 1493 in the Late Gothic style, which was extended between 1908 and 1910  by a Romanesque bell tower, the Church of St. Michael, which is rich in sacred artworks, thanks to the local artist Christian Greiner, the Venosta Museum with its two permanent exhibitions, "Archaic Venosta" with archaeological finds from the valley and "Wasserwosser", which is devoted to the old water channels in Venosta valley.

As far as nature is concerned, a visit to the Sluderno biotope, where you can see many endangered species of fauna and flora, is to be highly recommended. It is surrounded by a dense forest of black and grey alder. The area is ideal for taking beautiful walks, in order to marvel at nature in all its variety.

Sun-kissed and protected from the wind by the Montemezzodì, Sluderno is a hospitable and inviting place for visitors. With its magic, its culture and its old historic centre, the village lives in perfect harmony with the modern way of life.

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