Avelengo and Verano

Framed in green meadows and centuries-old forests, Avelengo lies on the sunny slope of the Monzoccolo, from where you can admire the impressive, phantasmagorical peaks of the Tessa Group Nature Park.

The village is also known as the home of the docile Avelengo horses. These figure on the coat of arms, together with a conifer, which symbolises the altitude of between 1200 and 2500 m a.s.l. at which the village lies.

Avelengo, the sun terrace of Merano

Known also as the "sun terrace of Merano ", Avelengo includes the hamlets of Santa Caterina with a Romanesque church and its Gothic apse, Avelengo village with the parish church of Saint John and the Gothic tabernacle between Locherweg and Nusserhof, Avelengo upper village and Falzeben, which is famous for the Merano 2000 ski resort.

Verano at 1204 m a.s.l. is on the plateau of the Monzoccolo, near the villages of Meltina and Avelengo. Verano can be reached by cable car from Postal. The district consists of the hamlets of Eschio, Hinterkofl, Unterdorf and the Leadner Alpine pasture.
In this little mountain village  you can marvel at curiosities like the three red rocks, which are round and possibly unique examples of tuff in Europe and the thatched roofs of Spitzeggerhof, Tötnmoarhof, Langtratterhof und Gfrar, which date from Bavarian times.

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