Meltina on the Monzoccolo

 On the famous Monzoccolo lies the little village of Meltina. Set among larch forests and gentle mountain meadows, it offers those seeking rest and relaxation what they like: peace, nature and idyllic retreats. The village is 1,140 metres above sea level and consists of the hamlets of Frassineto, Versein and Salonetto. Its splendid position offers a wonderful view towards Adige Valley in South Tyrol's South. The village is reached either by the panoramic route or by the funicular.

Meadows around Meltina, pure landscape in South Tyrol's South

The area around Meltina is a real hiker's paradise and entices you to set off to explore the undisturbed natural world. One of the most popular destinations are the "Stoanernen Mandln" on the summit of the "Höhe Reisch" hill. It is presumed that these stone figures were once erected here to serve as way markers for travellers. However, in the Middle Ages the place was thought to be a place where witches met. The earth pyramids on the Salten are another feature worth visiting. These striking columns of earth with a rock lying on top of them are a distinctive erosion feature.

In Meltina itself of course there are things to see: in 1979 the sparkling wine cellar at the highest altitude in the whole of South Tyrol was founded here and in the Fossil Museum it is worth while researching 260 million years of the Earth's history. The museum displays a collection of plant fossil remains from the Early Permian. There are also some interesting churches in the village.

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