The community of Tires


Tires, at an altitude or 1,028 m, is a magical little village in the valley of the same name, which runs parallel to Val d'Ega in the south and the Gardena valley. Behind this pretty mountain hamlet the peaks of the Catinaccio group and the Sciliar Massif rise majestically. You would think that you have got lost in a picture postcard!

Val di Tires branches northwards of Bolzano near Prato all'Isarco towards the east. This little resort extends over a wide surface of 4,208 hectares. The landscape rises between 700 and 3,000 m a.s.l. and is dotted with woods, meadows and fabulous slopes.

Some 20 % of the municipal district, which includes the hamlets of San Cipriano, Bria and Lavina Bianca, lies in the protected area of the Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Reserve.

In winter Tires is an ideal place for every type of winter sports. It is also an interesting destination for fans of snow-shoe hiking, for many routes are marked out in the surrounding area, including some very challenging ones. A shuttle service connects Tires with the nearby skiing area of the Ski Centre Latemar and Ski Area Carezza.

In summer, when the days are longer, Tires is a paradise for hikers and mountaineers. You can participate in one of the nature experience hikes organised by the nature reserve or accompany Hans Kammerlander, a mountaineer of world repute, on a good 14 hours' tour of the Catinaccio.

Another pretty and interesting track is the Tires Farm Track along old bridle paths past the farms of the farmers who cultivate the meadows here. These are often wine taverns, traditional eating places, where you can fortify yourself with local specialities.


On the border between the three villages of Cornedo all’Isarco and Tires and Fiè allo Sciliar at an altitude of 665 m lies the pretty village of Bria. The village is small and tranquil and is the perfect holiday destination for anyone wanting just to relax. It is not difficult to relax body and mind and to leave everyday routine behind you in this idyllic little place, which is set in a circle of meadows and woods which stretch into the distance and look just like a picture book. Not far from here stands the little Church of S. Caterina, an interesting Gothic church dating from 1283 with wonderfully preserved wall paintings, which relate the persecution of the saints.

San Cipriano

In former times San Cipriano lay in the centre of the village, but then there were many more residents and houses than today. But then the number of inhabitants declined, especially as a result of the Plague, which raged through this area and the village became two separate villages.

San Cipriano lies at an altitude of 1,071 m and is some 3 km from the principal village of the community. San Cipriano is the destination for anyone who likes hiking in the Dolomites and in the Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Reserve.

The historically most important building is without doubt the little Church of San Cipriano, which has given its name to the village. The church, built in the 13th century Late Romanesque style, with its barrel vault, vaulted apse and low bell tower was dedicated to the Saints Cipriano and Justina. In 1583, when it was renovated for the first time, the wooden ceiling was replaced by a vault and the windows were enlarged. At that time as well was added the altar piece with its representation of the patron saints of this little church. The wall paintings on the outer sides of the church, which relate the wondrous rescue of the Platzliner meadow, date from the 17th century. According to tradition, God Himself hurled thunderbolts on to the meadow and the herd, but Cipriano and Justina spread out their cloaks to protect the animals and were able to save the animals and the meadow.

A magical place in this village is the "Proa" Alpine meadow above San Cipriano. From there you can see a rare and beautiful panorama of the Catinaccio massif and at sunset this is an ideal spot from which to watch the alpenglow, when the Catinaccio is bathed in glowing shades of pink and purple.


This wonderful Alpine meadow with its incomparable view towards the Catinaccio lies at an altitude of 1,402 m in the heart of the Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Reserve some 45 minutes on foot from San Cipriano and 60 minute's walk from Tires. The little pond at Wuhnleger is home to countless toads, salamanders, dragonflies and other species. At sunset the Catinaccio takes on the most beautiful shade of pink and is reflected in the clear water of the pond - anyone who sees it will be enchanted by it. Unfortunately the sad history of the Second World War left traces even here in the form of bomb pits, which are the result of pilots jettisoning their payload in order to save the aircraft and themselves in an emergency.

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