Nalles is the most southerly community in the Burgraviato region and lies in the sunny Val d’Adige, near the Via Claudia Augusta cycling track. This village on the South Tyrolean Wine Road is 15 km from Merano and 15 km from Bolzano.

The community of Nalles extends from an altitude of 300 m a.s.l. to 1000 m a.s.l. and comprises the hamlets of Sirmiano di Sopra and Sirmiano. In Sirmiano di Sopra agriculture centres around livestock rearing, forestry and soft fruit, whereas Sirmiano concentrates on fruit-growing. Until 1964 Sirmiano was part of the community of Tesimo.

Nalles is a very ancient place, whose roots go back to pre-Roman times. In its more than 2000 years of history the first documentary evidence of Nalles is in 830 in a document of the St. Gallen monastery in Switzerland.

The place-name Nalles means 'harbour' or 'ships' mole', which is logical to the extent that this was the starting point for navigation on the Adige River.

The most famous son of this mountain village is Father Gregor Gasser a man of diverse talents, which he employed in fighting for the rights of young people and the working classes.

In Nalles, known as the "hamlet of roses" you can visit numerous churches, rich in art and history, as well as palaces and castles, which represent the history of this wonderful place, set in vineyards and orchards.

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