Campo Tures

Campo Tures is the main village in the Tures valley in South Tyrol. It is located in the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Nature Park and characterised by a splendid natural landscape. This village lies at 864 m above sea level and counts approximately 5200 inhabitants. Its hamlets are called Acereto, Caminata di Tures, Molini di Tures and Riva di Tures. This village was frequented by the Saxon kings who came here to hike, and by the Austrian lawyer and poet Hermann von Gilm who wrote some verses here.

The Castle of Campo Tures in the wood

Campo Tures with the Aurino River and the fascinating Riva Waterfalls was once a huge marshland area which was flooded by the Aurino River. Its German name Sand in Taufers still recalls these times. The entire area is dominated by Tures Castle, a very well preserved medieval castle, venue for many exhibitions which you can visit on your own or with a guided tour.

Most of the locals are German speaking and are professionals when it comes to organising events. Not to be missed are the Snow Festival in the nearby Speikboden ski resort, the Street Festival in Campo Tures, or the Cheese Festival. Many events revolve around old traditions and allow you to participate in the Christian rituals of the area. Don't miss the Parish Museum, which hosts a collection of important artifacts from the old churches and chapels which were once scattered throughout the valley.

Campo Tures is delightful in summer with its lush green colours, and romantic in winter with its white blanket of snow. It boasts one of the most impressive landscapes in South Tyrol with its unique flora and fauna.

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