Egna- historic trade centre in South Tyrol Bassa Atesina

The medieval market community of Egna was founded in 1189 and was already an important trade centre in Bassa Atesina at that time. The village has guarded its charm over the ages and today is one of the most attractive villages in terms of architecture in the South Tyrol's South. The arcades in the historic village centre, in which every year in August the famous Arcade Festival is held, are particularly charming.

The historical center in Egna and the typical architecture

At about the same time as Egna was founded, Castel Kaldiff was built on a rock face above the village. It was once lived in, but has deteriorated over the years and is now nothing more than a ruin. The “Klösterle” Pilgrims' Hospice, which was built in 1220 and offered travellers accommodation until the 16th century, has been much better preserved.

One of the last original Saalhäuser of Egna houses the Museum for Everyday Culture and gives an insight into the everyday routine of a bourgeois family in the 19th to 20th centuries. Another interesting building is the parish church of St Nicholas with its Romanesque tower.

The area around Egna and its hamlets is defined by a splendid cultivated landscape of vineyards. The region is particularly well-known for its Pinot Noir and this is celebrated, for example in Montagna every year with the popular Pinot Noir Days. Other events such as the Open Air Games and the South Tyrol Running Tours have also become a popular tradition in Bassa Atesina.

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