Tesimo and Prissiano

 The communities of Tesimo stretches over a sunny rise, some 650 m a.s.l., and comprises the hamlets of Prissiano, Grissiano, Narano, Caprile, Plazzoles, and Schernag. On this plateau, surrounded by fruit trees and chestnut groves, you can expect a holiday in the midst of nature, far from the noise of traffic and yet, only 20 minutes by car from Merano.

Settlement of the region around Tesimo and Prissiano goes right back into prehistory. The evidence for this is the settlements from the Stone, Bronze and Ice Ages, discovered on the Sant' Ippolito hill. The first documentary reference to Tesimo is in the period of the Lombards, in the year 590 to be exact.

In earlier centuries the plateau was the favourite destination of many noble families, who decided to build properties here. Therefore, there are plenty of fortified castles and palaces to be visited. Some of them have even been turned into hotels, where you can stay the night.

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