Typical of this community of Ultimo, which covers altitudes from 940 to 1800 m above sea level, are its well-preserved rural and traditional structures. The community stretches from the Adige Valley in the vicinity of Lana to the 3442 m high Sternai Peak, and includes the hamlets Santa Gertrude, San Nicolò, Santa Valburga and Pracupola.

Santa Gertrude at 1519 m above sea level is the highest village in the Ultimo Valley. It is located in the Stelvio Pass Nature Park, where you can admire primeval larch trees, and visit the "Lahnersäge" Nature Park House.

San Nicolò at 1256 m above sea level has many interesting sights including the Ultimo valley Valley Museum, which gives an insight into rural life in bygone days. Also of interest are the Saint Nicholas Church with its neo-Gothic winged altar, and the Thurnerhof building with its murals which remain a mystery to this day.

Pracupola is located at 1153 m above sea level. It is famous for the "Ultimo Winter School", in which old handcrafts are taught. The village is located at Zoggler Lake and is also well-known for the "Ultimo Lamb Weeks" during which regional lamb specialities are served in local restaurants. Visitors love the market in Pracupola where you can buy wool and felt products.

Santa Valburga at 1190 m above sea level was founded on the hill around the church. As the village grew, it spread along the valley. Zoggler Lake is located only a few kilometres from this hamlet.

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