San Martino in Passiria

San Martino, the largest enclosed village in the Passiria valley, extends between the pass and the hills of Punta di Matatz Peak. The hamlets of Sorgente and Saltusio also form part of the community.

S. Martino in Passiria, the municipality from above and the natural landscape

In San Martino, which is only 16 km from Merano, and lies in the Tessa Group Nature Park, you can visit the 12th century parish church, which has given its name to the village, as well as, not far from the village centre, the building, which from 1719 to 1845, housed the Passiria Art School. Works from painters from this school, who worked in the Nazarene style of painting, are to be found all over Tyrol. After the death of Benedikt Auer in 1854 the school was closed.

The following paintings can be found in the parish church of San Martino: "The Last Supper" by Nikolaus Auer the Elder, "Heart of Christ" by Nikolaus Auer the Younger and "Worshipping in Bethlehem" by Josef Haller. You can also admire frescoes from this art school on the walls of several houses.

Saltusio, located at the foot of the Tessa Mountain Group and Monte Cervina and only 9 km from Merano, is the most southerly village in the valley.

Sorgente is a district offering numerous free-time activities and a huge choice of attractive overnight deals for guests.

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