Resia (Reschen am See in German) is a village in Venosta valley 1,500 m a.s.l. It used to be an independent community and together with Vallelunga and San Valentino alla Muta did not become part of the community of Curon until 1928. The whole area is mistakenly called by this name. In fact Resia is only a hamlet, which has given its name to the splendid Resia Lake and the pass of the same name. Parts of the region and the whole village of Curon sank under the waters of the lake. Two to three hours' hiking will take you to the community of San Valentino, where you can enjoy the green surroundings.

Resia is a holiday resort, equally frequented in summer and in winter. The proximity of the Belpiano ski resort and the characteristic Resia Lake are only a few of the beauties, which bring tourists here from all over the world every year.

Passo di Resia is without doubt one of the most important connecting routes, connecting visitors from Austria with Resia. This was also the place where barrages, such as the Passo di Resia and the Plamort Barrages were erected in the Second World War, defensive installations erected by Mussolini to prevent a possible invasion by the Nazis. Bunkers and anti-tank ditches can still be seen over a wide area and therefore the Passo di Resia-Curon holiday region has, since 2011, organised guided walks to the source of Adige River, where you can visit Bunker 20. The excursion is offered every Friday at 1500 hours from July to September and lasts 90 minutes.

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