Certosa, which occupies a site at an altitude of 2,011 m a.s.l., is located at the highest altitude of the five villages in the Senales valley. Extending over 21,000 hectares, it is in terms of area one of the largest regions, while being at the same time one of those with the least population.

Certosa, in the Senales valley

Certosa established its reputation as a tourist and sports destination in the 1930's, when the first visitors discovered it. As a result of this, the owner of the Kurzhof, Leo Gurschler began the construction of the Funivie Ghiacciai glacier lift in Senales, which was opened on 12th July 1975. The construction works solved the unemployment problem, which had arisen when the construction of the dam for the Vernago reservoir had been completed.

In autumn, the transhumance of the sheep, which have spent the summer grazing on the Austrian alpine pastures and which are then driven back into the valley, is an occasion for a major village festival.

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