Picturesque Montagna above the Adige Valley

On a terrace above Val d'Adige lies the sun-soaked village of Montagna with the hamlets of Pinzano, Gleno, Kalditsch, Casignano and Fontanefredde. The steep alleys leading through rows of houses, which seem to have been placed randomly and without any plan, are the main image of the picturesque village. This idyllic place is surrounded by cultivated vineyard and orchards, which are criss-crossed by countless hiking trails and offer a splendid view over Bassa Atesina.

View of Montagna, surrounded by orchards and vineyards

The church of St. Bartholomew, with its almost majestic Neo-Romanesque facade and its 12th century church tower is another snapshot. St. Stephen's Church in the hamlet of Pinzano is also worth visiting. It houses a Late Gothic winged altarpiece made by the master craftsman Hans Klocker from Bressanone.

As in other parts of South Tyrol's South, wine-growing is the main industry in Montagna. In particular the Pinot Noir, the king among wines grows very well here. In its honour the South Tyrolean Pinot Noir Days are celebrated every year.

However, Montagna is well-known not just for its monuments and its wine, but also for the burial site of Ettore Tolomei. He was an Italian nationalist, who worked hard for the Italianisation of South Tyrol. For this reason he was not particularly liked by the inhabitants and was often described as the "grave digger” of South Tyrol. His monument continues to cause discussions, whether because wreaths have been laid on it, or because it has been vandalised.

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