Cermes is a picturesque village in Val d'Adige, lying 290 m a.s.l. surrounded by vineyards and orchards. This community lies between Marlengo and Lana, only 5 km from the spa town of Merano. Its proximity to the main town of the Burgraviato means that you can enjoy the originality of village life, without missing out on the attractions of the city.

Castle Lebenberg above Cermes on a little hill surrounded by nature

Monteleone Castle, or Schloss Lebenberg in German, towers over this typical village, which has been a settlement since the Stone Age. The castle, constructed in the 13th century by the lords of Marlengo lies on a moraine and has been rebuilt many times over the course of the centuries. In the castle complex there are the Rococo Garden, the chapel, the inner courtyard, the armoury and the hall of mirrors.

In Cermes from March to November you can visit the Labyrinth Garden in the Kränzel Manor, the parish church of St. Sebastian and the little Church of St. Anne, which dates from the 17th century.
It is in this village that the road leading to Palade Pass and on into Trentino begins, a stretch of road much loved by motorbike riders.

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