Merano and environs

The spa town of Merano and environs with the villages of Lagundo and Tirolo is a geographic area offering many attractions and splendid natural scenery with vineyards and orchards surrounded by impressive mountain peaks.

Merano is the main city in the Burgraviato region and is located in the valley basin of the entry to four important valley: Val Venosta, Val Passiria, Val d'Adige and Val d'Ultimo.

The thermal city of Merano, in South Tyrol

Merano is located between 263 and 1621 m a.s.l. and includes the village districts Quarazze, Maia Bassa, Maia Alta, Sinigo, Labers and the old town. The city is known for its mild and healthy climate, which made the city a spa town in the 19th century. Over the course of the years, millions of tourists from all Europe have visited the city.

Lagundo includes the hamlets Lagundo di Sopra, Lagundo Riomolino, Plars di Mezzo, Plars di Sopra, Foresta and Velloi. This village offers a splendid panoramic view of the spa town of Merano and is surrounded by vineyards and orchards. Lagundo is located in the vicinity of the Tessa Group Nature Park.

Tirolo is located at the entry to the Tessa Group Nature Park and stretches from the valley to a viewpoint on the sunny slope of Merano and on to the Sopranes lakes at 2500 m a.s.l. It offers a beautiful contrasting landscape, which already attracted Empress Sissi.

The irrigation channels date from the past and are typical for this region. They were used by farmers to irrigate their land. The water from the rivers of the side valleys reached the fields through canals, grooves in the rocks or wooden channels, which were realised in order to make the water flow over rock walls. Over the past few years many of the canals were no longer used, only a few are still in operation. The former irrigation channels have been replaced by modern systems. Some irrigation channels are still in operation and the maintenance paths along the channels are now popular hiking paths for tourists and locals.

Summer and winter in Merano

If you choose this region for your summer holidays, an idyllic spa town with a vast cultural offer and two villages, small but fascinating, await you. In this region you can enjoy various activities like hiking, cycling, tennis and horse riding. Mini-golf courts also await you in Merano.

If you choose to spend your winter holidays in this region, you can visit the Merano 2000 ski resort in the vicinity of the main town of the Burgraviato region. High above the spa town 8 lift facilities, 40 km of slopes, and a vast offer for families await you.

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