San Genesio and the Salto high plateau

If you want to admire the breathtaking view of the city of Bolzano, you should definitely visit San Genesio. Located on the Monzoccolo high plateau, San Genesio enjoys the sun almost all year. The village offers a wonderful view of the 10 km distant capital of South Tyrol and is ideal for enjoying the quietness and clean air during the short and fresh summers. San Genesio is located at approximately 1000 m above sea level and is mainly famous for the Saltusio high plateau. This high-alpine plateau has rich vegetation with vast grassland, where you can admire the Haflinger horses, and dense forests, with mainly larch trees.

S. Genesio, just few km away from Bolzano

The Saltusio high plateau is a popular hiking destination in summer and winter: While in summer Saltusio is ideal for enjoying relaxing moments far from the chaos and the heat in the city, in winter it is a popular destination for skiers and all those who like hiking through the snow. Enjoy wonderful landscapes in autumn and spring, when the Saltusio high plateau offers an incredible variety of colours, leaves falling from the trees and flowers blooming.

San Genesio can be reached with the San Genesio cable cars, which were opened in 1937. Once these cable cars were the only connection to Bolzano. The starting point of the cable cars is located in the vicinity of Roncolo Castle. From here you reach San Genesio and the nearby Saltusio high plateau within only 9 minutes. On your journey you enjoy a view of the beautiful landscape and Caldaro Lake, the castles in Appiano, and the snowed-in peaks of the Dolomites.

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