The village of Tirolo is located at 594 m a.s.l. surrounded by vineyards. The village is characterised by a mild and sunny climate and offers a wonderful view of Merano. The village is accessible via the famous and impressive Tappeiner path or by chair lift.

Tirolo stretches from the valley basin to a viewpoint on the sunny slope of Merano and on to the Sopranes lakes at 2500 m a.s.l. It offers a beautiful contrasting landscape, which already attracted Empress Sissi.

Panoramic view of Tirolo, near Merano

This village at the entry to the Tessa Group Nature Park is surrounded by numerous castles and fortresses and offers the following attractions:

  • Tirolo Castle

The castle is the main attraction of the village. In 2003 the South Tyrolean Museum for Culture and History was opened in the castle. Not only the village is named after the castle, so is the entire region.

  • Fontana Castle

The Museum of Agriculture is based in this castle. From 1958 to 1972 the castle was the home of Ezra Pound.

  • John the Baptist Parish Church

The church was first mentioned in a document in 1164. The gothic choir was only added later. Inside the church you can view the organ, the new gothic altar, the baptismal font, the bishops' sculptures, the statue of John the Baptist, and some very old iron crucifixes.

  • The pyramids

The pyramids are an extraordinary natural phenomenon, which develop through the interchange of rain and dry periods.

  • The Bird Care Centre

The Bird Care Centre is located on the hill of Tirolo Castle. An educational trail leading through the forest provides an insight into the lives of birds. Injured predatory birds are cared for in the centre before they are set free again.

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