Martello valley

Val Martello extends over the territory of the Stelvio Nature Park at an altitude of between 900 and 1,800 m a.s.l. Its distinctive climate, which is dry for the majority of the year, is excellent for the cultivation of strawberries and radicchio, as well as for many other varieties of fruit. The Plima River flows through Val Martello, drawing its water from the melting glaciers. The floods in 1891 are thought to be traceable to Plima River. The construction of a dam, which is visible over a wide area today, dates from that time as well. The local people begged the Austrian government of the time to construct a dam, to prevent further flooding. Today we wonder how they managed to transport the gigantic blocks of rock. The dam has a large, round opening at its base, which holds back the water and lets it flow away slowly, whenever the river rises.

The natural ambience of the Martello valley Typical architecture in the Martello valley, South Tyrol

A 220 km network of sign-posted trails wind through Val Martello. They are divided into various grades of difficulty and are therefore suitable both for newcomers to hiking and for professionals. Pure mountain air, blooming meadows and green forests are the features of this valley in the Venosta valley.

Val Martello is rich in art treasures and ideal for the visitor who enjoys taking in the culture while on holiday. You absolutely must visit the parish church of Santa Valburga, which dates from 1203. Originally this Romanesque church had a bell tower and a round apse. The representations, which can no longer be made out, showed the symbols of the apostles and the saints. On the outer wall of the bell tower, dating from 1557 St. Christopher was represented.

The culturamartell Visitors’ Centre for the Stelvio Nature Park in Val Martello is the documentation forum for earlier life styles and the close ties of the local people for their home.

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