Cortaccia in Bassa Atesina - a wine village of tradition

Cortaccia in South Tyrol Bassa Atesina consists of the hamlets of Niclara, Corona, Hofstatt, Cortaccia, Favogna di Sopra and Penone. The village is situated at an altitude of 333 metres above sea level and spoils the holiday maker with its mild climate. The first record of Cortaccia was in 1191. The image of the centre of the village is dominated by old courtyards and lordly manors.

View of the Church in Cortaccia, South Tyrol

In the centre of Cortaccia there is the "Time-Travel Man" Museum. It is in one of the oldest courtyards in the village and shows how South Tyrol's South has developed from the Stone Age to the Modern Era. The Parish church of St. Vigilius, which was mentioned for the first time in 1337, is another attraction of the village.

South Tyrol's South is famous for wine-growing and Cortaccia is also a wine village with a long tradition. The village is surrounded by vineyards with a total area of about 330 ha and is home to three wine cellars. The most famous is the Schlosskellerei Turmhof Winery, which owns the vineyard planted at the highest altitude. The cellar is a popular excursion destination and always offers a wine tastings or guided tours of the Fairytale Garden. The whole wine-growing area can be discovered on the Wine Educational Route, which leads through a variety of wine landscapes and gives the hiker glimpses into the features of wine-growing.

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