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The community of Laces in Venosta valley is located 639 m a.s.l. and is possessed of numerous important works of art, which have been conserved in an exemplary manner. This is connected to the fact that the countless raids, to which the border regions fell victim, hardly ever reached as far as Laces, which was an advantage in safeguarding numerous works of art. In addition, the region lay at the point of intersection between two important connecting roads, one of which led from Venosta valley and the other from Val d'Ultimo. Thus it was confronted with a diversity of cultures.

The Coldrano castle and its panoramic view

The region, in which Laces is situated, does seem once to have lain below the flood level of Adige River. It is no accident that the name comes from the Latin "lacus" or lake. Tarres, Morter, San Martino al Monte, Coldrano are the names of the hamlets which make up the village. Each of these little places awaits you with its churches, castles and monuments.

Laces, which is considered an important climatic spa because of its healthy mountain air, is a good departure point for a visit to the peaks of Monte Tramonto, Cima Vermoi, Niederjöchl and Zerminger.

The race of people in the Laces community is distinguished by its toughness and resourcefulness in overcoming difficult living conditions. Even the former lords of this region had noticed this, so that they allowed the shepherds from the area on their way into Val Senales only enough rest to gather their strength. This prevented the cattle from eating too much grass.

The 17th March is without doubt an important date in Laces. In former times this was the date of the big market, which served also as the day on which court cases were heard. Some farmers paid their debts, others raked in the interest. The day labourers seeking work were recognisable because instead of the "Gamsbart", a tuft of chamois hair worn on the hat, they wore a spoon on their hat. And since the people came from all the surrounding villages to take part in the market, it is reported that the farmers of Val Martello took advantage of this situation to steal livestock and to harass the women who had stayed at home. Until recent years the market in Laces retained its original form. Today, the day only offers the opportunity to recall an ancient custom.

Apart from the many traditions, Laces is also known as one of the most important producers of the Venosta valley apples.

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