Because the Croda Jenne mountain, from which the world-famous Lasa Marble is extracted, towers above the village, which lies 868 m a.s.l., Lasa is known as the Home of the Marble. Oris, Cengles, Allitz, Tanas, Tarnell and Parnetz are the names of the hamlets which comprise Lasa, which lies some 7 km from Silandro. With 3,828 inhabitants, Lasa is a working village, where the population of farmers and craft workers make their living principally from apricots and the production of marble sculptures.

Panoramic view of Lasa, in the Venosta valley

Lasa offers a diverse and impressive landscape, with sunny, but barren, dry slopes to the north and lush, green forests traversed by broad veins of marble to the south. The marble is the distinctive feature of the whole village, starting from the facades of the houses, passing by the parish church of St. John the Baptist right up to the surface material of the pavements.

The region around Lasa is particularly good for hiking. The entire Montemezzodi with its varied vegetation offers nature-lovers a special flora and fauna. The sign-posted trails, which can be used all year round, entice you to explore this quite unique environment.

Near the local bank stands the bust of Emperor Franz Josef I, a sculpture which was commissioned shortly before Second World War. In order to protect it during the war, it was put in a stable and forgotten for more than fifty years. It was then restored and erected on its present site.

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