Settimane Musicali Meranesi 2023

16 August 2023 – 20 September 2023

This summer, Italy will not stop. Even in the world of classical music festivals, Italy will be on the roof of Europe for the 37th Merano Music Weeks.

For five weeks, from 16 August to 20 September, the warm colours of the sunsets in the spa town will be surrounded by the symphonies of the most famous musicians on the international scene.

As you stroll through Merano's Kursaal, the absolute centre of the event, a musical blend of tradition, light and art will prevail over the gurgling Passer River in a serene and sociable atmosphere. To date, the festival has hosted world-class musicians, orchestras and artists from all artistic backgrounds, including Warsaw, Paris, London and St. Petersburg.

What makes the Merano Weeks unique is the great variety of sounds that will delight guests and passers-by, immersed in a mosaic of different melodies ranging from jazz, world music, baroque, chamber music and more. The Kursaal, the main venue for the event, will be accompanied by other venues in the city, such as the Piazza Terme and the Puccini Theatre, to create unique atmospheres and scenery for the public.

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To find out more about the concert program and tickets, click here.

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