Curon: the Netflix series

Curon arrives on Netflix from June 10, 2020.

Every place has a secret beneath the surface, says the very short trailer.

Many details about the series has not been released by the producer, but the series is about the story of Anna, mother of Mauro and Daria. The disappearance of the protagonist pushes the children to look for her.

They will discover the dark and paranormal side of this mysterious place: Curon.


  • Valeria Bilello (Anna),
  • Luca Lionello (Thomas),
  • Federico Russo (Mauro),
  • Margherita Morchio (Daria),
  • Anna Ferzetti (Klara),
  • Alessandro Tedeschi (Albert),
  • Juju Di Domenico (Miki),
  • Giulio Brizzi (Giulio),
  • Max Malatesta (Ober)
  • Luca Castellano (Lukas)


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Curon: history and legend

The bell tower has become the symbol of Curon Venosta.

The legend of bell tower holds many curiosities and things to discover. The history of this place has been written by many peoples: from the Romans to the Germanic peoples; but the most striking story concerns the submerged village and its bell tower!

In 1950 Curon and Resia were flooded to create an artificial hydroelectric basin. As we know, the flooding was voluntary and for this construction, Resia and Curon had to be razed. At a time when the town of Curon was being flooded, the inhabitants were forced to flee. Many families lost everything, others stayed and others went far away. To indicate the place where the old village of Curon stood there is still the bell tower that emerges from the waters of the lake.

The legend says that just in the coldest months the bells start to ring, but, as we know, the bells were removed on July 18, 1950!

During the winter, when the lake freezes over, you can reach the bell tower on foot.

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