Drei Zinnen Ski Raid

11th March 2023
Drei Zinnen, Sexten

On 11th March 2023 will be held in Sexten the 24th edition of the Drei Zinnen Ski Raid, a ski mountaineering competition. Both F.I.S.I member and amateurs can participate.

This competition is one of the most awaited in South Tyrol and it attracts thousands of tourists every year. The pathway is indeed one of the most beautiful and spectacular. It starts from Fiscalina Valley, continues to Rifugio Fondovalle – Taschlusshütte and then reaches Rifugio Comici, Pian di Cengia, Lakes of the Piani and Sasso di Sesto.

The Drei Zinnen Ski Raid follows a 17.8 km pathway with a difference in height of 1500 meters.

The race will start at 8.00 for F.I.S.I members and at 8.05 for amateurs.

Discover the most beautiful marathon in Dolomites!

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