Keschtnriggl – It’s all about the chestnut

08/10/2022 - 05/11/2022
Lana, Tesimo-Tisens, Prissiano- Prissian, Foiana-Völlan

The Chestnut Fair returns to South Tyrol. In Lana, Tesimo-Tisens, Prissiano-Prissian and Foiana-Völlan from 8th October to 5th November you will have the opportunity to discover the chestnuts. This event is called Keschtnriggl and shows guests the culture and the traditions that bind this region to the chestnut.

Excursions, gastronomic events, cooking classes and many other events will introduce you to this extraordinary food. You can explore the autumn forest with the help of a forest ranger, take part in concerts and taste chestnut-based menus.

The highlight of the event is the Festival in Foiana-Völlan. Music, farmer’s market, ancient handicrafts, traditional peasant dishes and much more.

Find out more on the official website of the event!

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