Zusslrennen – The Carnival Race in Prato allo Stelvio

16th February 2023
Prato allo Stelvio

The Carnival is very popular in South Tyrol and it is celebrated with numerous events inspired by ancient traditions. One of this events takes place in Prato allo Stelvio and it is called “The race of Zussl”. 

Every Fat Thursday the town becomes the kingdom of the Zussl. They are dressed in white from head to toe and adorned with colorful ribbons and paper pulp flowers.
They wear large bells that they used to chase away the winter and cold, thus awaking spring. 

They are accompanied by six young men dressed as white horses who drag a wooden plough behind them. 

The parade ends with the sower, the farmer and farmer’s wife, servants and the couple “Zoch and Pfott”. 

All these characters carry some agricultural tools to symbolize the end of winter and the beginning of the warm season. 

There are food and drink to keep the carnival spirit high, even among the curious to participate in this unique event in the world. 

Come and discover this incredible event!

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